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Oak Bluffs Town Hall Rendered Video

Oak Bluffs Town Hall Rendered Video

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The proposed new Oak Bluffs Town Hall was to distinctly blend the “cottage city” vernacular with the historic community.

The proposed 18,200 square foot design has “main” entrances on 3 sides and new parking on both School Street and Pacific Avenue. It is a full 3-level building with all Departments having future-needs space. A partial basement has is also included for records storage and mechanical equipment. A major addition to the program is a large meeting room to be designed for multiple uses and events beyond Selectmen’s and Zoning/Planning Board meetings. 

The architecture includes references to the many great structures in Oak Bluffs, including traditional divided light windows, weathering cedar shingle exterior finish, and both standing seam and asphalt shingle roofing.

Interiors are designed to have reclaimed V.G. Douglas fir flooring, ceramic and porcelain tile flooring with wainscoting, and carpet at the main meeting room. Partitions are mostly painted gypsum board and ceilings are both acoustic wood panels and traditional suspended acoustic tile.


The main meeting room has been acoustically engineered to provide quality sound for a variety of future events and uses. Audio/visual systems throughout the building are planned to link all departments and the community via MVTA.


The site improvements are designed to include new parking at two 'main' entrances, School Street is widened to aid traffic movement, and an MVTA bus stop added on Pacific Avenue for better access to the building.   

Landscaping is designed to have low maintenance plants and shrubs and will have environmentally friendly rain-garden systems for roof and road drainage. The building orientation, infrastructure, and roofing system have been designed to accept a future photo-voltaic solar panel system.


LOCATION: Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT:  TL Studio Landscape Architecture


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